Auto Lead Generation

Do You Want To Sell More Cars?

Of course you do! Who Doesn't!

So, What if you could capture a list of consumers who visited a competing auto dealership in a 10-50 miles radius of your store with in the past 24 hours or less.

Would that give you a Marketing Advantage?

Studies show that only about 15-20% of prospective car buying customers actually drive off the lot on their first visit to a dealership, leaving the other 80-85% available for you to market your products, services and offers to.

Armed with a marketing list as we have described so far, do you think this would give you a competitive edge?

Let us  show you how we can assist your company in winning this business, increasing your bottom line and increasing the total monthly cars sold for a surprisingly very affordable cost.

Please Read On To Find Out How We Can Help You….

How Does This Work?

First let me introduce you to us. We are Brokers Data Inc. located in Columbia SC. We are a National Marketing company who specializes in the Automotive Lead Generation Vertical.

We can offer a multitude of lists and services to our friends in the automotive industry such as Expiring Leases and Loans, BK discharges, Year, Make, Model and more, however, this program by far is the most successful dollar for dollar!

In comparison to most of the other auto marketing programs available in the automotive marketing space, we are the most affordable, we are a turnkey solution, and we get results!

Interested??? Read on…

What "Drives" the Campaign?

We are able to generate a list of customers who have visited your competition and had their credit pulled the day before in relation to an automobile purchase.

We can filter for credit score minimums and maximums, debt load, income and more, but just knowing that the consumer has had their credit pulled and is actively shopping to purchase a vehicle is enough information for a savvy dealership to want to market to that consumer.

This is a Win-Win situation, Why? Because the consumer gets the opportunity to see other offers from a competing dealership, Your Dealership! And you have the opportunity to capture extra business! Win-Win!

Remember, these are consumers who are serious about buying a car now and they are in the market as an active buyer right now! After all, who would allow a salesperson pull their credit if they were not seriously interested in buying a car or truck soon.

We have 3 marketing options for you. Please read on and see how our program can fit just about any marketing budget.

Our Campaign Options


1) We pull the fresh lead list early in the morning before 9am EST.

2) We print a variable mail piece personalized with the consumers name throughout the mailer.

3) We complete the insertion of mailer into the envelope, attach a Live First Class postage stamp (no pre-printed indicia).

4) We mail your letters the same day.

5) We post the leads into a CRM branded with your company logo so you can retrieve the information on each customer who contacts you from the campaign.


1) We pull the fresh lead list early in the morning and send the download link to your company so you can download lead database.

2) We pre-print the mail piece shells that you will have at your location prior to the beginning of your campaign.

3) You print the customer information (name, address and salutation) using your printer and using a template that we provide you.

4) You will fold and the insert mailer into the envelope, seal, attach stamp and mail letters same day.

Option 3 – BDI LIST ONLY

1) We can send you only the leads list daily if you prefer to do everything in house. Of course we are happy to assist you in getting set up to launch your campaign.

How To Get Started

It's Simple to Get Started! Click the link below for our low pricing and complete information about our campaign options and of course there is absolutely no obligation in talking with us.

Do it today and we can have you set up to start selling more cars in about 24-48 Hours!

Contact Brokers Data

Click the "Request A Quick Quote" icon below for Fastest Service. A representative from Brokers Data Inc. will be assigned to follow up with you within the next 30 minutes, M-F 9am-6pm EST.

You may also call us at (800) 884-7507 during normal business hours. Your information is always kept completely confidential.

Request A Quick Quote

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"Thank you for the time you spent with me compiling the list I needed to generate leads for my team. You have certainly been an integral partner in helping us re-invent ourselves. Thanks again!"

Steve B. - Passaic. NJ

Moving from the individual health insurance market to the final expense insurance market, I did not have a clue how to find the people to call and what "filters" as you call them, to use. Thanks for consulting with me and helping me successfully transition into this new market."

James N. - Houston, TX

Thanks for all the help! I have already told 3 other LO's about your great service and mortgage leads. Keep up the good work!"

Tony N. - Philadelphia, PA

"Thanks for the Diabetic leads and the dialer you set up for me is fantastic!"

Judy S. - San Diego, CA

"Hey Al, my office has closed 4 deals this week from the FHA mortgage list we bought from you... please call me later to run a count for our next order. Thanks for your expertise and if results continue like this, we will be a client for a long time!"

Nick D. - New York, NY

"We really appreciate the time you spent with us regarding the mortgage trigger leads Al and it was certainly time well spent. We have had very good results and look forward to your continued good advice moving forward"

Sean O. - Boston, MA

"Our direct mail campaign has produced some really good leads. Thanks again Al!"

Neal J. - Phoenix, AZ

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