Predictive Dialer

So we can better understand how a predictive dialer works, we first must understand what it is.

A predictive auto dialer is a computerized outbound dialing application that will only connect an agent to calls answered by live people and eliminates faxes, busy signals, answering machines, disconnected phone numbers and no answers.

You can dial out on multiple lines at a time and activating the AMD, Answering Machine Detection, you will talk to "live answers' only.

If your company uses outbound telemarketing and isn’t utilizing Local Caller ID numbers, you are missing an opportunity to improve answer rates and list penetration rates.

In fact, reports show that telemarketers improve performance by 40% when using Local Caller ID Numbers.

Through the use of Local Caller ID numbers, you will be able to look like your calling locally, no matter which state you are calling from.

Our dialer also supports an integrated Soft phone feature in our platform! Now your contact center does not have to waste time with third party products, dealing with firewall issues, or paying for third party software.

Predictive Dialer
  • Increases Talk Time:Saves you and your agent's time of having to manually dialing telephone numbers making them more productive. Answering machines, unanswered calls, busy signals, fax machines, and disconnected numbers are now a thing of the past.
  • Remote Connectivity: More people will start work from remote locations or from home than ever before. Our technology allows for the agent and supervisors to connect and make calls from anywhere in the world, using a phone and computer.
  • Real-time Statistics: Reporting features include talk time, pause time, number of live answers, customized dispositions, time of the day in which more calls were successful in making a live contact and much more.

Our predictive dialer solution is very affordable and can fit into any marketing budget. No contracts or long term commitments and low start up costs. Get more results and spend less time doing it!

Check out our Dialer's Robust Features

  • NO connection delays when the dialer connects calls to your agents
  • Pay a flat fee per month with no set-up fees or long term contracts
  • NO special software, hardware, or SqlServer install. Start calling in minutes!
  • Local Caller ID's enabled upon request
  • Agent Monitoring, listen in to real-time calls with a click of a button
  • Integrated CRM included at no additional fees
  • Create and schedule callbacks
  • Works with 1-500+ Agents
  • Advanced tracking to identify profitable leads
  • Business Niche Specific Features
  • Campaign based tracking of records
  • Create as many campaigns as you want
  • Custom disposition of contacts
  • Instant Live transfers to a closer
  • Soft Live Transfers - Never put the propect on hold
  • Customization of interface relevant to your niche
  • Full FCC/FTC compliance
  • Easily integrates into any setup.
  • Integrate with existing 3rd party SIP termination providers
  • Send Emails right from the dialer application
  • Definable Caller ID name and phone numbers
  • Complete agent training and support at no extra charge
  • Contact us for our low monthly price per agent options

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Predictive Dialer Calling Options

"Brokers Data vastly improves results when doing business over the phone. A must have for Inside Sales and Telemarketing Professionals"

    Choice Calling Options:
  • Connect with 3 Selectable Telephone Choices (See Chart Below)

Predictive Dialer Calling Features

Integrated CRM - Included Free and includes...

  • Agent can make sales notes with a complete log of a contact’s history
  • Agent has the ability to assign contacts to other agents or closers
  • Detailed statistics and reporting allows administrators have in-depth knowledge of agent productivity.
  • Global search function allows agents to quickly locate records of contacts.
  • Callback reminders are easily created in one-click either with pre-defined options or calendar
  • When the task becomes due, the agent will be notified with an on-screen popup and also listed on home page
  • Completely customize the contact data fields so you can store information specific to your customer's needs.
  • Dialer can also your post your leads generated from the dialer directly into your company CRM so you can perform all of the necessary work flows

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Steve B. - Passaic. NJ

Moving from the individual health insurance market to the final expense insurance market, I did not have a clue how to find the people to call and what "filters" as you call them, to use. Thanks for consulting with me and helping me successfully transition into this new market."

James N. - Houston, TX

Thanks for all the help! I have already told 3 other LO's about your great service and mortgage leads. Keep up the good work!"

Tony N. - Philadelphia, PA

"Thanks for the Diabetic leads and the dialer you set up for me is fantastic!"

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"Hey Al, my office has closed 4 deals this week from the FHA mortgage list we bought from you... please call me later to run a count for our next order. Thanks for your expertise and if results continue like this, we will be a client for a long time!"

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"We really appreciate the time you spent with us regarding the mortgage trigger leads Al and it was certainly time well spent. We have had very good results and look forward to your continued good advice moving forward"

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